Friday, December 20

Santa Baby

We were out and about running errands, actually I was getting my eye brows waxed and Santa just happened to be next door.  Tyson and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get P's picture taken with Santa.  We had been planning on doing it all month long, but the days just kept getting away from us.  I wondered how she would react this year.  She has no concept of "stranger danger", but then again she has never had someone with a full on beard and Christmas ensemble on, hold her before.  I handed her off and secretly hoped for that ear piercing, screaming picture.  That Jolly old man plopped her onto his lap, she nestled perfectly into his arm and put on a show for the photographer.  I fell in love with the picture and decided it was worth every penny.   

^^^ I can't help but grit my teeth. ^^^

And yes, her stretchy pants or tights for that matter, are getting rather snug.  That little peanut butter of mine is packing on the pounds quicker than I can keep up with.  Her and Old St. Nick are going to have matching bellies by Christmas time.
 photo signature_zpsc2e4f28b.png


  1. Are you kidding me??? This picture is priceless

  2. Are you kidding me??? This picture is priceless

  3. This photo is perfection!!!! I never notice clothes are too small on my daughter until I see her in photos. The other day she was wearing jeans I took a photo and said good Lord these look like jeggings on your far thighs lol. She wore them but that was the last time. Lol