Sunday, December 1

Christmas Tree Pickin

This Thanksgiving weekend has me completely and utterly spoiled.  We have had the pleasure of having Tyson home with us every day since Thursday.  We have had such a great time spending quality time with one another.  Together we have tackled the task of getting the house ready for Christmas.  Ty hung the Christmas lights, while I deep cleaned and gutted out the house.  Each night we have enjoyed cuddling on the couch and watching a movie, all the while stuffing our faces with the leftovers of my coconut cream pie.  Christmas music has been blasting throughout the house and the aroma of fresh pine and cinnamon has filled the air.  Our doors are adorned with wreaths, courtesy of Trader Joe's and our pantry is filled with hot coca and all things peppermint.  The only thing missing was our tree.  So last night we bundled Penelope up in her red sweater onesie and headed out in the quest of the perfect Christmas tree.  

Our first stop was a bit of a disappointment.  The tree's were extremely over priced and looked like they were already drying up.  So we let our little rolly pollie crawl around for a bit and met up with Tyson's parents for some mexican food at Casa Carona.  

After filling our bellies with way too many chips dunked in salsa, we decided to give it another go.  We we able to find Christmas tree heaven.  All of the tree's were beautiful and the place eveb had rides for the kids.

The second P laid eyes on the train she pointed and kicked her little legs with excitement.  We couldn't resist the opportunity to take her on her first ride.

^^^ She didn't want to get off. ^^^

We ended up finding "the one."  It is being flocked right now.  Tyson will pick it up after work on Monday and we will decorate it for family night.  This time of year just warms my heart in every way possible.  I hope to make is extra special for Penelope and hope I can teach her the true meaning of Christmas.
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  1. How cute is this??? You make me want to try a real tree someday, I have always been sooo against them:)