Thursday, December 19

2013 Roundup

2013 has defiantly been the year of highs and lows, but overall has been one of the best years of my life.  There were many times where my faith was tried, but ultimately drew me closer to my Savior.  There were many tender mercies and miracles witnessed in our little family.  I developed a deeper love for my husband and had many friendships strengthened.  

Here's a look back on our year....


Penelope was released from Primary Children's Hospital in Utah, after staying over a week for RSV.  Tyson was able to bless our sweet baby in Heber, UT.  We had our first family pictures taken. 


We travled to Arizona to celebrate my grandmother's 90th Birthday.  Penelope was able to meet her great grandma Brown.  We then drove to Newport to witness our good friends being sealed in the Newport Temple.  We were also able to spend some time with my sister in San Clemente.  


I was able to watch my good pal Meg's race her road bike.  Penelope completed her first test, to see if heart surgery was going to be necessary.  Our good friends Scott and Laura moved backed to Utah.  We still miss them and secretly hope one day they will move back.  I took P to the Fresno Zoo.


We drove to San Clemente and stayed with my sister, so that I could get re-certified to teach Zumba.  Such a great decision!  P went under for the firs time for her bronchoscopy.  We traveled to Monterey to watch my friend Meg's race again.  We stayed with Tyson's cousins and were able to ride their horses.  Seeing the Monterey aquarium for the first time was also a highlight.


Penelope took her first dip in a pool.  We celebrated P's first laugh, with a laughing ceremony.  I went nuts and decided to make over 300 bows for a Spring Boutique, that I hosted at my house.  I also celebrated my first Mother's Day.


We took a quick trip to Utah to watch my brother Josh graduate from seminary and High School.  Tyson, Tate, my mom and I ran in a 5k together in memory of Kyle and my dad.  We had our family pictures taken once again.  At this point, I wasn't sure if we would ever get the chance again.  It was determined Penelope would be having her open heart surgery.

Penelope handled her open heart surgery like a boss.  Some of the most spiritual and special moments took place in that hospital room.  


Penelope took her fist boat ride and soaked in the lake.  I ran a 4th of July 5k with my sister-in-law Cara and mother-in-law.  We drove to San Clemente once again to spend the weekend with my brother Josh.  Tyson was able to be his witness as we attended a session in the stunning San Diego Temple.  


We attended the annual Cleveland/Parker reunion at Newport.  We spent a week soaking up the sun and eating our hearts out.  Later we traveled to spend time with my sister Kiersten and our brother-in-law Jordan, right before he was deployed.  I'm just now realizing how much time we spent in San Clemente this past year.  We took P camping for her first time, up at Shaver and drove once again to Utah to hear my brother give his farewell talk. 


We spent Labor Day weekend up at Shaver.  I love that place more and more.  Tyson and I took the most spectaular trip to New York City.  It was honestly the best trip of my life.  I still can't get over how much fun we had.


Penelope took her first plane ride as we traveled to Hawaii.  Being P's first Halloween, we enjoyed taking her to the pumpkin patch and helping her pick our her very own pumpkin.  My mom also made her the cutest costume.


Not pictured, but we drove to Sacramento to see Tyson's best friend Aaron marry his sweetheart Angelica.  I decided to take a huge leap of faith and pursue photography.  We celebrated P's first birthday.  One of my best friends Jessica flew in to town, as well as my mom.  Her party took a lot of work, but in my eyes was even more magical, than I could have ever imagined.


This month has already been so jammed pack with so many fun things.  Ty and I went to the Fresno State vs. Utah State football game.  It was freezing, just the way I like my football games.  We picked out our charming Christmas Tree.  We attended our friends Redneck Christmas party, where we got the best surprise.  Our friends Scott and Laura drove to Fresno and came in disguise to the party.  I literally cried tears of joy.  Last but not least Tyson and I are trying to sell our house, as we are building another one.  Hopefully it's like they say, "third times a charm."

This year will most surely be going down in the books!  I look forward to what this next year will bring.
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  1. How fun to go back and read all the highlights of the year, I should do that:) You had a busy year, sounds like you made such great memories!!! What a year, from her surgery to all your traveling, to Penelope turning one...I loved it all!