Tuesday, December 31

Lights At Temple Square

Last night my family and I bundled up and strolled around Temple Square.  It feels like ages since I have been on Temple Square.  The Temple looked so much larger than I remembered.  I am still amazed at all the work and dedication that went into building it so many years ago.  The trees were strung ever so perfectly.  I don't think there was a branch missed.  I'm not sure who's job that is, but whomever it is, feel free to make your way to the Parker's next Christmas.  

^^^ P was gifted the most adorable snow outfit in the history of ever.  She looked like a fluffy marshmallow.  It took everything inside of me to not take a bite out of her. ^^^

^^^ My sis is a beaut! ^^^

We finished up the evening with a little shopping around City Creek and root beer floats to top it all off!
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