Tuesday, April 22

Penelope's First Swim Lesson

After only taking Penelope to the pool one time, it become quickly apparent that this girl needed swim lessons.  She showed absolutely no fear of the water and would run in head first if I let her.  

She was so excited for her first class, that she started banging on the windows for me to let her in.  When it came time for the class to start, I couldn't get my cover up quick enough, before she was headed off to the water.

The water is thankfully warm and I am able to be with her in the water the entire time.  Tyson came and watched her through the glass.  I'm pretty sure I was more nervous than her.  We were both so proud of her and couldn't stop smiling.  

I am already looking forward to next weeks class, oh and not to mention there is a Sonic right next door.  You know what that means!  Mozzarella stick and Diet Coke for me!  Win, Win!!!!

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