Tuesday, April 29

Up Up Up & Away

Our house is moving right along and looking more and more like a home every day.  I may or may not, drive by daily to see the progress.  Luckily, it's only a mile down the road, from where we live currently.  It should be complete by the end of June, first of July.  I'm slightly freaking out on how it's all going to come together, selling our current house and getting everything ready for baby #2.  Everything always seems to work out though.  I wonder at times, why I stress myself out so much.  

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the colors we picked out, will all come together.  It's hard when they only give you a 2x2 swatch......

I'm looking forward to this new adventure that awaits, just praying I can get it all put together and organized before the babe arrives!
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  1. Looks great!! Can't wait to see it when it's done! You are right that everything always works out in the end so try not to stress (easier said than done!)