Friday, April 4

The Talk

For the past couple of weeks I have noticed Penelope becoming a little more aggressive than usual.  She has always been so sweet and tender, however things have taken a turn for the worst.  Don't let that little smile fool you, she has been on a biting, hitting, scratching, pinching, head butting rampage.  As a first time mom, I am at a loss.  I'm not sure how to discipline this little munchkin of mine.  We have tried telling her no and she just laughs in our faces.  We are currently trying the time out method, but she too enjoys that.  It has gotten to the point, where I am nervous to have play dates.  I am worried she is going to hurt someone. 

 Just the other day I was given "the talk" at the gym.  I had just gotten done teaching Zumba and went to go pick up P from the daycare.  I was immediately stampeded with workers, informing me how naughty Penelope had been that day.  They let me know she had bit a little boys finger.  Usually the child who bites, gets kicked out immediately that day, but I was teaching so they obviously couldn't.   They went onto tell me that if she does it again, she will be suspended for a week!  I almost laughed when they used the word suspended, but I also felt terrible for that little boy.  I feelings of embarrassment were written all over my face.  Luckily, there was a sweet mom in there that said all toddlers go through this phase and to not let it get to me.

It's funny I was just having a talk with a friend about disciplining, before the tragic event and she suggested this book.  After calling to tell my mom about P and the finger incident, she talked with her boss the greatest pediatrician ever and he too suggested the book.  You better believe Tyson placed an order that day.  

So while I await for what I'm sure to not be the last of many parenting books, do any of you have any advice?  I'm not really up for the spanking or hitting/biting back thing.  It just not my jam, if you know what I mean?  I love this little wild child of mine, but really don't want her attacking other kiddos and especially her soon to be little sister.

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  1. I'm sure I will be in your shoes someday (not too long), but I have to ask... Was the book Love and Logic? That's one I've heard a lot of good about...

    1. Yes!!! I should be getting it in the mail on Tuesday! I will let you know how it turns out :)

  2. Haha, oh my word. What a cute little booty :D I miss those tiny baby moments!