Thursday, April 10

18 Weeks

I can't believe I have almost hit the half way mark!  There are times where this pregnancy has felt like it has flown by and then there are the times, were I feel like I have been pregnant for an eternity.  I swear every time I see Tyson I freak out a little more and remind him, we are going to be having another baby, in a little more than four months.  We are seriously so excited though!  I am continually wracking my brain with my to do list, but am waiting until we get into the new house to really start tackling it.  In the mean time, here are some pregnancy stats for baby #2.

Craving - Nutella and fruit, pineapple-orange juice, sour dough bread, and teppanyaki 
Sleep -  we have welcomed the pregnancy pillow back into our bed.  That thing is a beast, but makes sleeping so much better.  I am working on retraining myself to not sleep on my back.  I seem to only have this problem when I am pregnant.  I am also still getting up a few times throughout the night to go to the bathroom, dang that bladder of mine.
Movement - yes, and loving each and every kick.  This baby girl is an active one.
Missing - sushi and seafood.  One serving of a fish a week is about doing me in.
Belly Button - in
Maternity Clothes - not as much as I did with Penelope.  I live in leggings, some maternity and some not.  I can still get away with the elastic trick around my jeans, but lets be honest, I only wear jeans, maybe once a week, if I'm lucky.
Stretch Marks - no, but have started slathering my belly with lotion every chance I get.
Swelling - so far so good, hoping Zumba will continue to help with that.  I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring since the first-trimester. 
Morning Sickness - has gotten so much better, however the smell of my garbage can left me running to the backyard to throw up along, with peeing my pants at the same time.  I have no control over this bladder of mine.  TMI, I know, but it's something I can laugh about later.
Overall Mood - so happy!
Looking forward to - purchasing our double stroller.  We just sold my BOB, which I was a little sad to say goodbye to.  I really am a sentimental fool.  But, I can't wait for the new adventures to come in the double stroller.

Here is a little sneak peek of baby #2.  We had our 18 week ultrasound today and it was purely amazing.  I loved seeing our baby girl.  I feel like we got such a good look at her this time.  She looks a ton like her cousin Brooklyn and has the same chin as P.  The doctor said she looks perfect!  I am so grateful for the technology we have today.

(pardon the poor picture quality)

^^^ I can't wait to kiss that little foot. ^^^

^^^ Most likely only pictures a mom could think were adorable. ^^^
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  1. oh my gosh throwing up and peeing at the same time...that is SO pregnancy. i think that's one of those things that happens to everyone but nobody ever really admits. haha love it!