Monday, April 21

Easter Morning

We had such an incredible day celebrating Easter.  We started off the morning by letting Penelope look for her Easter basket.  With a little help, she discovered it behind her chair.  She immediately went for her matryoshka doll and gave it the biggest smooch.  Just watching her excitement, made me want to hide her basket all over again.

Tyson quickly hid some of the eggs, that we had dyed the night before.  P anxiously found each egg and piled them up on the couch, to dote over her accomplishment. 

^^^ GiGi even shared in the fun. ^^^

^^^ I couldn't wait for her to try on her backpack.  ^^^

^^^ My second year at attempting the bunny cake. ^^^

After our morning festivities, we headed off to church as a family and enjoyed the uplifting words spoken.

Each holiday continues to get more and more fun, as Penelope gets older.  I am seriously so in love with being her mom.  I feel so blessed for my eternal family and am grateful to celebrate everything this holiday represents.
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