Monday, May 5

Florida Take One

We arrived to sunny Florida late Sunday night and couldn't wait to wake up and kick start our vacation.  Penelope has done such a great job with adjusting to the time difference.  The weather is outstanding and the color of the ocean is breathtaking.  Florida is a first for both Penelope and I.  We have been having a blast, experiencing this new territory together.  

We have been soaking up the sun and enjoying some much needed R&R.  

^^^ Craft time with her cousins. ^^^

^^^ P was a little hesitant of the splash park at first, but quickly warmed up soon thereafter. ^^^

^^^ You can never have enough sunscreen. ^^^

^^^ Practicing her jumping skills. ^^^

^^^ P loves going under the water.  ^^^

^^^ Lava Flow, heaven in a cup, need I say more?!?! ^^^

Aside from the swimming and working on our tans, P decided to go potty in the toilet for the first time today.  Don't worry, I took a picture of the evidence to show Tyson, but decided to spare the rest of you the details.  Something only a parent could be proud of!  

Hope you all had an amazing Cinco de Mayo!
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