Saturday, May 24

28 Years

Tyson's sweet grandma Betty taught her last seminary lesson this week.  Family and friends gathered to thank her for all of her hard work and dedication, on Friday.  She woke up year after year to teach early morning seminary, all out of the goodness of her heart.  She was even able to teach almost all of her grandchildren.  I know this meant to much to her and even more to them.

I remember Tyson telling me how neat it was to have her as his seminary teacher.  He would reminisce about the delicious sugar cookies she would make, her handwritten testimony with a candy bar attached each Thursday, and the doughnuts she brought every Friday.  Above all else, he would talk about her burning testimony that she was never afraid to share.

Tears instantly filled all of our eyes, as we surprised grandma Betty and saw the gratitude on her face.  Tyson's mom did an excellent job orchestrating the whole event.  There were 28 balloons, a poster and roses to celebrate.

The essence of Christ like love is evident through her smile and hugs.  She is an angel on earth and has blessed so many people's lives through her example and dedication to the Lord.  She radiates happiness and optimism.  The moment you meet her, you can instantly feel of her kind and loving spirit.  She is a valiant servent of Christ and is one of my greatest examples.  I feel so blessed to have her in my life and I know that so many others feel the same.

  Words can't express the love and admiration I have for her.  I admire the lasting legacy she has left behind.

-Sister Cleveland
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  1. She seriously is the sweetest lady ever! That black and white picture of her with her hands over her face is priceless! Love it!! :)