Saturday, May 10

Florida Family Pictures

We have had such a memorable time here in Florida!  I am beyond grateful for the amazing family that I married into.  I thank my lucky stars and my Heavenly Father every night for blessing me with these wonderful people.  I am so happy P has such wonderful grandparents who love her immensely.  They take care of our family in more ways than I could count.  Without them, we wouldn't be where we are today.  They lead by example and have the most kind and generous hearts.  I have such beautiful sister-in-laws who are not only gorgeous on the outside, but have the sweetest most loving hearts.  I know I could turn to them for anything.  My brother-in-laws are such wonderful men, who take such great care of their families and are Tyson's dearest friends.  I love watching my nieces with Penelope.  They are some of her favorite people.  Most of all I am so in love with my husband.  He amazes me more and more every day.  He knows exactly how to care for me and is the best dad.  Penelope and I are beyond lucky!  

My cup runneth over!
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  1. What an amazingly attractive family!!! You guys are all wonderful!

  2. Janessa! So beautiful! I especially love the last picture.

  3. That last photo is breathtaking!!