Tuesday, May 6

Florida Take Two

Today was spent with toes in the sand and Lava Flows in hand.  We spent the majority of the day in the water and I don't think I would have had it any other way.  As an added bonus, the sun and water does amazing things for Penelope's nap times.  I think the pool might have to become part of our daily routine.

^^^ Nice try mom, you don't get me near as high as papa. ^^^

^^^ If you are ever having a bad day, put your child in swim goggles, sit back and have a good laugh. ^^^

^^^ The kiddy pool was a hit. ^^^

^^^ P executing her blowing bubbles skills. ^^^

^^^ Watching these two together seriously melts my heart. ^^^

^^^ Baby buns, my fav. ^^^

^^^ I kid. ^^^

We finished off the evening with taco's, guac, tres leches and churros. YUM!!!!

Tomorrow were going on a safari.  I think P is going to be in animal heaven.
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