Thursday, May 29

Splash Park

I am beyond ecstatic that the water has finally been turned on, at the splash park.  It felt like ages waiting for those perfectly crushed snow cones.  I have fully anticipated being there practically every day this summer.  It's a nice switch up from the pool and I love the enormous area of shade it has to offer.  From the moment we pulled up, P couldn't stop screaming with excitement.  I couldn't get her out of her car seat quick enough.  It seems we share a conjoined love for the splash park.  

First stop was the snow cones.  Cotton candy, blue raspberry and pink lemonade were the flavors of choice, to kick off our afternoon.  It did not disappoint.  They were just as good as I had remembered, if no better.

^^^ Watching P savor each bite and say mmmmm, was oh too cute! ^^^

After the snow cone, it was time to check out the pad.  It was fun to watch her waddle around in the water. 

After only a few short minutes she was off to the playground.  Crawling up the playground and sliding down the slide could have kept her entertained for hours.  If only my six month pregnant self, could keep up with her energy.

If you need to find us this summer, you know where to find us.
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