Tuesday, August 17

Spa Day

Last night was the first night Kiersten was able to sleep through the night. Getting the rest she needed, really made a difference. She woke up and was in minimal pain. Today was Kiersten's little spa day. She was able to get her hair washed and nails cleaned, she even got her nails and toe nails painted.

Kiersten loved her nurses today. They took tremendous care of her. She told her nurse that she was an angel.

She had no problem getting up for Physical Therapy. She always says, "Well I have no choice."

She opened up her eyes completely today and kept them open for almost the entire day. She even smiled while she was sitting up. It usually makes her nauseous. I guess today was just her day.

These are the wonderful Physical Therapists that helped her walk while she was in the ICU.

Kiersten had been asking for her friend JP every day. Jp and Spencer were wonderful and drove all the way from Cedar City this morning to see her.

I told her that I would take pictures of her flowers so that she could see how beautiful they are.

She even had a little visit from the missionaries.

Kiersten has been hilarious depending upon what nurse she has. She told her nurse today that she gives her two thumbs up.

The second time she walked today she was just a cruising. I couldn't even get her to slow down enough to get a picture.

She has made such great progress that she was able to move out of the ICU and onto another floor. It was so funny because the hospital heard about Kiersten and her support team and knew that these smaller rooms were not going to cut it. So they were wonderful and gave her, what we tell Kiersten is the VIP room. It is the largest on the floor and even has a pull out couch.

Kiersten wanted me to come sit by her. She even asked for a hug. I freaking love this girl.

She asked that I get a picture of the KAB crew.

These kids have inspired me. They have been with Kiersten every step of the way. There is such a special feeling in her room, no wonder everyone wants to be there.

Tonight Kiersten was supposed to attend the Dave Matthews Concert. She was so sad she had to miss it. So one of her sweet friends Collin went home and got his guitar to play her, her own private concert. She is loved by so many. Thank you again to everyone for your kindness. I am blown away at how thoughtful people are. You have and continue to help Kiersten on her road to recovery. It was the hardest thing to leave tonight, but I was so grateful for the time I was able to spend with her.

I love you baby girl! Thank you for uplifting me and making me a better person. Keep on climbing.

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  1. Im sure she was so happy to have you there with her. You are such a good sister. Im glad to see that slowly, day by day she seems to get just a little better.