Sunday, August 22

Last Night

Kiersten has been getting the rest that she needs to allow her body to heal. She has had many amazing people come to visit her. She had some special visitors come recently. The Thackers and Clarks came by to visit. Emmy Clark brought with her a homemade card. It brightened Kiersten's day.

Kiersten has been blessed with the most outstanding doctors and nurses. They have made all of the difference throughout her stay at the hospital.

She calls this her scary eye.

Her face has healed perfectly. Our mom surprised Kiersten with these earrings, as she lost hers in the accident. She was thrilled and said, "I feel like a real girl."

KB and Kirsten Clark.

Brittany stopped by on her way down to school. She brought with her a piece of glass from the windshield of the truck. She made it so that Kiersten can hang it from her mirror to remind her to always wear her seat-belt and how lucky she is. Brittany has one as well. They have been by each others side through this entire experience. They are so blessed to have one another. Thank you Brittany!

Kiersten's pediatrician and my mom's boss Dr. Dave Larsen and his family stopped by to visit. They brought delicious treats and two get well cards. It made Kiersten so happy.

Thank you to all of the visitors who helped uplift Kiersten. You helped make her stay as comfortable as possible. She couldn't have done it without you. We have been so blessed with wonderful friends and family. We love you all. Kiersten you have taught me to make sure to say I love you more, not worry about the little things, to become more charitable, to look for the good in others, to rely on our Savior, and that there is a lesson to be learned through every trial. Thank you baby girl!


  1. Your blog is awesome and sister will cherish this forever. You have done a great job. Since we have been camping I looked at your blog for an update its amazing. I love you so much!!!! Kierst looks soooo good! I'm proud of her.

  2. Wow, she looks better and better everyday!!! We are so happy that she is doing good and gets to go home soon! I love reading your blog and hearing about all her progress!!! She is amazing!!!