Sunday, August 15

Tough Little Cookie

Today has been an incredible day. I know that it is because of all of the prayers that have been answered. Kiersten has shown a tremendous amount of progress. There have been many sweet and tender moments in her room today. Earlier this morning the Physical Therapist came by. Kiersten was able to sit up and stand with their help. It was very difficult on her and she had to lay back down. I couldn't believe that she was able to do that. We have all been strengthened and uplifted by Kiersten's amazing will-power. All I have to say is she is one determined girl. I guess it is that indian princess inside of her. She was able to hold her water bottle up all by herself.

Our cousin Heather and her husband came by to visit, along with many others.

Dr. Reichman also stopped by to check on her. He told her that he had heard she stood today. Kiersten then proceeded to tell him that she wanted to go to school. He told her that she would have to start walking today if she wanted to go to school. We couldn't believe he already wanted her walking. But little did we know Kiersten was ready to fight. We were told the Physical Therapist would be back in a few hours.

The rest of the family showed up in perfect timing. They got here right before Kiersten's Physical Therapists came back.

Little did we know, she was ready to walk.

With the help of her Physical Therapists she sat up. She then proceeded to take her first steps since the accident.

She opened her eyes and said with determination, "I am going to school." We were all in tears. What an amazing girl!

She was able to get her hair washed today. She couldn't have been more thrilled. They found all sorts of rock and twigs.

Sister girl get some rest! You have had a quite a day.


  1. Seeing poor Kiersten like this is breaking my heart- let her know that Morgan, Me and the boys have been thinking of her and have her in our prayers. What a beautiful strong person she is- I can tell she is taking this with such a great spirit. We're going to try to come see her this week.

  2. So glad to hear she is doing so well. We were worried and have been praying for her. Your entire family is in our prayers at this time. Thanks for keeping us posted with pics and info. Love to her and you all.