Sunday, September 5

Labor Day Weekend

I have been feeling really homesick for the past little while. It has been difficult being away from my friends and family and especially my little sister. Although, I know that California is where I am supposed to be. Tyson has had to deal with my little breakdowns. He is always so sweet to listen and comfort me. He knows how much I love camping and the great outdoors. So he decided it was time to take me camping. If anything, he knew this would cheer me up. Now if you know the Parkers they are NOT campers. This was a big step for Tyson and I am so grateful that he took that step for me. We headed to REI and purchased our first sleeping bags. It was fun watching Tyson test out all the different types. I of course was in heaven being in that store. We were there for over two hours. Friday night after work we headed to Camp Edison up at Shaver Lake. It was beautiful. I had no idea that something this gorgeous existed only 45 minuets away from our home. As soon as we pulled in we rolled down our windows and took in the wonderful smell of good old mother nature. Our first step was to attempt to build a fire. After only a couple of minutes we had a fire. I was very proud of the two of us.

I made us some tin foil dinners. I grew up eating this meal every camping trip. They turned out to be a great success. However, I did forget that once we put the dinners on the coals they had to come off..... so Tyson looked in his car and found some old gloves. They ended up getting the job done.

We also attempted to make banana boats. We couldn't figure out how to cook them but they were still delicious.

Here we are after a good nights rest in our new sleeping bags.

The view from our tent was exquisite.

In my wildest dreams we will have a cabin here one day. I felt right at home being outdoors.

Tyson also knows about my love for football. So it was off to the Fresno State Football game. I have to say I missed being at the Rice Eccles Stadium cheering on my UTES but it was still fun. I am used to bundling up for the football games. Here in California I was begging for water.

The Bulldogs came out with an opening night victory.

It was a great weekend where I was able to enjoy some of the things that I miss about UTAH. I am so grateful to have Tyson and for his willingness to take me up into the mountains.

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  1. It looks like your banana boats turned out yummy. I forgot to tell you to wrap a little tin foil around the bottom of the banana before you placed them in the coals... oops! :-) Miss you sister!!!! Love you.