Tuesday, September 28

Yosemite National Park

Tyson surprised me with a weekend getaway to Yosemite National Park.  Our friends Danny and Ali also came along.  It was oh so wonderful to get out into nature and leave all of our worries behind.  There is something about being out in the wilderness.  It always seems to bring back childhood memories from when my dad would pile all five of us kids in the back of his truck and plop us out in the middle on nowhere.  

Tyson picked out the perfect campground.  We had a beautiful stream right behind our tent.  

Later in the evening we drove to a look out point of Half Dome.  Next year we plan on hiking this bad boy.  It reminded me of Angels Landing, however it is a much more strenuous hike.  I told Tyson that I guess it was time for me to start working out.  My hands became clammy just thinking about the hike.  

The sunset was gorgeous!  There was a man speaking to some tourist(they were everywhere, it felt like I was on "It's A Small World After All," in Disneyland) and advised them to take the time to watch the sunset at least once a year.

I sure love this guy!

When we got back to camp we enjoyed our delicious tinfoil dinners and smores.  One thing I especially love about camping is the justification for eating an enormous amount of sweets.  We ate treats galore and stayed up late chatting around the mesmerizing fire.  

The next morning we woke up and took a short trail up to see some of the largest Redwood trees I have ever seen.  

On the way home we stopped at the one and only McDonald's, while in the drive-through we spotted this awesome van.  I couldn't help but snap a photo.  I guess I just don't understand the sticker revolution that is taking over all vans.  

It was such a fun and much needed getaway.  Thank you babe for being willing to step outside of your comfort zone for me!


  1. Cute pictures! You inspire me to take more. Looks like you guys had fun! xoxo

  2. looks like a lot of fun! Maybe one day you will be the driver of a van like that... 9 kids! WOWZA!