Tuesday, September 21


The older I become the more I realize the importance of family.  I love every member of my family individually for what the offer and teach me.   I am thankful today for a husband who brightens my every day and loves me unconditionally.  Even when I am an emotional wreck he seems to always know how to put me back together.  I have the best in-laws.  They have allowed Tyson and I to invade their home for the time being, as we save up to purchase our first home.  My mother, she is a rock and the backbone of our family.  Nick, who has a sensitive side that only few are lucky to see.  I will never forget the hug he gave me the night my dad passed away.  Cortney, she loves our family and is able to put up with my brother.  She is an incredible mother and wife.  She even lets me pluck her eyebrows whenever I want.   Tate, can put a smile on my face no matter what.  He calls me just to say, “ hello yaness.”  Kiersten, I am happy to say that we never fought growing up.  The older we get the closer we grow to one another.  She teaches me daily.  Joshua, he is the sweet one in the family.  He melts me heart.  He still allows me to cuddle up to him and hold his hand.  He has a passion for sports and I enjoy watching him play over the years.  

I am thankful for the Parkers and how they have welcomed me with open arms.

I don't know where I would be without all of you!  THANK YOU!!!!


  1. Can you come home now? I am starting to get home sick for you and I just dont know if I can do it much longer. P-L-E-A-S-E

  2. Janessa I love reading your blog! You and Tyson are so cute and you write the best entries. I read your earlier post about change and just know that I know exactly what you are going through. I felt the same way when Jeff and I got married and lived in Utah. Change is such a hard process to go through at the time but then when I look back on the big changes in my life I am grateful for them because I have seen myself grow as a person through each of them. My only advice is to be patient with the process and know that it takes time to feel comfortable with everything. Jeff and I want to go out with you guys when he is back in town!

  3. Such a cute post, i bet your family loves you and misses you like crazy!!! What a fun experience you are having in california though, you will look back at it and LOVE every minute!!! Your blog is amazing, I love all your words they always touch me:) hope your guys are doing good (and your sis too!)