Thursday, September 23

Meet Fresno

Since reevaluating my attitude upon our living situation, I am going to list some of my favorite things about Fresno, California.  Just in case you were wondering whereabouts Fresno is located, I have provided this wonderful map.  There you see, we are located smack dap in the middle of California, which makes for some exciting road trips.  We are within driving distance of so many fun places, such as Disneyland, San Francisco, Newport, LA, and many other hot spots. 

We are fortunate enough to live right next to Yosemite National Park.  Tyson is taking me here this weekend for another camping getaway.  I have yet to see its majestic beauty, that I have heard so much about, but from seeing these pictures I can tell that it will be breathtaking

45 minutes away from our home is one of my new favorite places Shaver Lake.  It is located right outside of this small town that has a farmers-market every weekend.  It has darling little shops and restaurants that line the streets.  It is so peaceful and quit up there!

Now food is the way to my heart so it is no wonder that Tyson has helped my find some of my new favorite restaurants.  Dog House Grill is number one on my list.  They have the best chicken salad with pine-nuts, feta cheese, and red peppers.  Number two is Sakanaya.  They have the best teppanyaki around.  Number three on my list is Me n Ed's Pizza.  Tyson and I usually find ourselves eating their pizza once a week.  There are so many other restaurants that I love here.  Having a new variety of restaurants to try has been great.

Speaking of dogs you have got to love the Fresno State Bulldogs if you live in Fresno.  I happened to marry myself one.  Here is a picture of the hubby in his glory days. 

Tyson and I are looking forward to the up and coming Fresno State basketball season to support Tyson's uncle Coach Cleveland. He was the former BYU basketball coach.... I try not to hold this against him.

I love living in the agriculture hub of California.  We have fresh fruit whenever we want. Everywhere you look is rows and rows of fruit trees and vineyards.  I am hoping to have our Christmas card pictures taken somewhere along these lines.  

Being surrounded by Tyson's family also helps the situation.  I am sure as time goes on I will continue to find new things I like about Fresno.  

Please come visit us.  We love visitors!

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