Sunday, September 12

Madera County Fair

This weekend Tyson and I made our way out to Madera to go on a double date with our friends Danny and Ali. We ate at a delicious little Italian restaurant called Dicicco's and attended the Madera County Fair. You know you are always in for a treat when you go to a County Fair. As we were attempting to enter the fair grounds we were stopped by a security guard who informed us that Danny was not allowed to enter with a blue hat and a blue shirt. Apparently, he might be representing a gang member and it was for his safety. After we were scanned with the medal detector we were off to enjoy the fair.

There was a snake exhibit that we had to check out. I wanted Tyson to conquer his fear of snakes. As a little boy he thought they lived at the bottom of his bed. We always have to change the channel if snakes appear on the television. Upon looking at the exhibit he did surprisingly well, although he may still remain a bit frightened of the slithering creatures.

I was thrilled when I saw the basketball hoop game. I am a nerd and told Tyson I wanted him to win me one of the stuffed animals. Lucky for me I married a basketball player.

His first shot was a success. The little carni was so happy and couldn't stop blowing his ref whistle. I couldn't stop laughing but as you can tell it took me back to the days when my dad would win me prizes.

I am a whimp and wouldn't go on any of the rides. I have had my fair share of nausea and have even thrown up on one of the rides at the Heber Fair.

I have to say my favorite part of fairs is the greasy food. Trashy but ever so tasty! I love the funnel cakes, cotton candy, churros, corn on the cob, and corn dogs.

I am glad we were able to attend the fair. It made for some good laughs. After the fair we went to Danny and Ali's new house to watch a movie. It made me very anxious for the day when we get our own house and I get to pull out all of our wedding gifts.

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