Friday, April 29

Fairy Tale Wedding

No, I did not set my alarm at the crack of dawn to watch live footage of the Royal Wedding, however, the first thing I did this morning was turn on the tube to see what Kate's wedding dress looked like.  I was in awe, starring at her gorgeous dress.  Her and the dress were exquisite!  I got chills when I saw William and Kate together for the first time as a married couple.  I LOVE weddings!  I know that many wonder what the hype is about the Royal Wedding, but what is there not to love?  

Tyson cracked me up the other day.  It finally dawned on him that Prince William is the son of the late Princess Diana.  Oh how I love my Prince Charming.

I am going to dedicate my entire week to The Royal Wedding and London. So today I drove my car to work on the wrong side of the road. -Ellen Degeneres

And they lived happily ever after!

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