Friday, February 4

New Job

I surely am missing having internet access at the tip of my fingers 24/7, so while I have a little time on my hands, I decided to update the good old blog.

About two weeks ago I got some great news and an answer to our prayers!  There was a Pediatric Dentist that had just moved into our ward and was looking for some help.  Turns out, I was looking for a place where I could be of some help.  I interviewed and got the job.  His practice will be opening March 1st and I cannot wait to see our first little patient walk through the doors.  I have always had a deep love for children and helping them anyway I can.  This job couldn't be more perfect.

I have been helping with getting him contracted with insurances and marketing for his practice.  Yesterday we ran from house to house putting up flyers.  I could barley walk when I got home.  This next week we will be talking to preschools about dental hygiene.

In a couple weeks a friend and I will be traveling to San Diego to get certified with x-ray.  I will also be working on getting my hours so I can take the RDA test.

So if you live in the area come by and visit Powell Pediatric Dentistry.  I couldn't be more excited and so grateful for this opportunity.


  1. What a fun job and you get to wear scrubs too, now that's a good bonus!!!! He is sure lucky to have you:) All the kids will see your beautiful smile and want to come there everyday to get their teeth fixed!!