Sunday, September 4

Cleveland Family Meeting

Over the past 31 years Tyson's grandparents have had a family testimony meeting once a year.  This year was extra special because Grandpa Bob was able to attend.  He has Alzheimers and was unable to attend last year.  We all got together at Tyson's parents house and listened to Grandma Betty share her testimony.  She is so strong and is such a great example to all that come in contact with her.  I hope to be just like her one day.  

After the family meeting we enjoyed a delicious dinner and headed out to get our family picture taken.  

It is crazy to see the posterity that has come because of Bob and Betty.  You know the saying, "All Because Two People Fell In Love."

I love seeing the love that they share for one another.  Watching Tyson's grandparents go through the same thing that my grandparents went through is difficult.  But with the knowledge of the gospel all things are made okay.  I am so grateful for an eternal family.  

The thing that impresses me most in both my grandparents and Tyson's grandparents is that that they never forgot who their spouse was, even when they couldn't remember anyone else.  That is true love!  I know that true love can edure all things. 

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  1. That last picture seriously made me tear up! My grandpa had Alzheimer's as well. What a sweet picture and sweet tradition!!!