Monday, June 18

Birthday Boy

I can't believe my guy is the big 28 today!

I am so happy he was born and that he is mine.

28 Fun Facts About The Birthday Boy

He is always willing to help others, no matter the situation.

He has moved more people than anyone I know.

He sure knows how to take care of a pregnant girl.

He is just as obsessed with our dog as I am.

He cannot sleep in if his life depended on it.

He was blessed with the perfect physic.  He can seriously eat anything he wants.

He does not like and will not eat chocolate ice cream.

His favorite birthday cake is chocolate cake out of a box.  I guess that makes my job easy.

He never speaks badly of others.

He Zumba's better than most girls.  

He has mad budget skills.

He loves to wear golf shirts to work.

He won't golf 9 holes.  It has to be 18.

He should be a masseuse.  His hands are magic.  

He has a gift for playing basketball.

He does not like to read.

He has a knack for selling things on Craigslist 

He would have a tv in every room, if it was up to him.

His favorite restaurant is Casa Carona.

He always puts others before himself.

He is great with numbers.  

He is beyond humble and does not take compliments well.

He has the greatest smile.

He is very loyal to his family.

He loves to spoil others but does not like to be spoiled.

He has become quite the handy man around our house.  

His new addiction is Prison Break.

He is willing to try new things.  


I love you Tyson!

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