Saturday, June 11


This past week I have spent my time in the beautiful State of Utah!  I have felt completely spoiled being able to see all of my friends, some I haven't seen in over a year.  I didn't do much relaxing, but I did enjoy oodles and oodles of delicious food.  

I got my fix of Cafe Rio, Eggs In The City, Cafe Trio, Loco Lizard, Dairy Keen, Tres Hombres, and Plates and Palates. 

It is always great seeing my family.  There is nothing like walking through my mom's front door.  My family warned me that my little brother's hair was getting longer..... little did I know, I would be able to french braid it.  

My cousin Abbey works at Centered City Yoga, located on 9th and 9th.  I have been dying to try this yoga that she has been raving about.  Let me tell you what, it is the HARDEST thing I EVER done.  No lie I was dripping sweat.  I am still sore, three days later.  If you ever get the chance, take the Core class. You won't regret it. 

I loved being able to see my chubby baby nephew.  He has grown so much, since the last time I have seen him.  I couldn't get enough of his squishy legs.

Every time I come into town I like to spend quality time with my niece.  I had so much fun taking her to the Kamas Rec Center to swim, followed by pizza and ice cream.

I was able to hitch a ride with Emily to Utah because she was running in the Utah Valley Marathon.  I got to watch Emily run in her first marathon and watch Jessica cross the finish line in her first half marathon.  It was so inspiring to drive down Provo Canyon and cheer on these amazing people.  I seriously get choked up every time I watch an event like this.  It really makes me miss my bike.  I really want to find the joy in running, so that I can train to run a half (no desire to run a full).  My favorite part was watching everyone cross the finish line.  

I loved catching up with all of my family and friends.  I can't wait to come back in one month for my sister's wedding.  More than anything though, I can't wait to get home to my husband and my puppy.  I miss them like crazy.  Who would have thought a year ago from now, I would be missing California this much.  I guess time really does change things. 


  1. Looks like you had a fun trip to Utah!!!! I love your brothers hair that is awesome!!!! That yoga class sounds fun too, I might have to try it! I probably won't be doing that pose, if i did that I might fall on my face:) You look great and your niece and nephew are darling!

  2. So fun! I have always wanted to try Center City Yoga! That would have been fun to go to lunch with you, I wish I would have known you were here!