Saturday, October 22


Tyson and I joined some of my family for a weekend trip to Disneyland.  We hadn't been there together, since I was in sixth grade.  I have to say this time around was my favorite and most memorable.  It was great to be there in October because the park was decorated for the season.  We arrived there as early as possible and stayed until we just couldn't walk anymore.  

I had to make sure we got a picture in with the one and only Mickey Mouse.

Please believe I ate everything in sight.... and no I am not pregnant.  I just love Disneyland's churro's, sour dough bread, corn dogs, ice cream, etc.

I loved being able to spend quality time with my siblings.  It is hard to come by these days, seeing as I live 12 hours away from most of them.  I loved being able to see our niece Madison's face as she walked around Disneyland for her first time.  

I had never been to the California Adventures side and now I know why.  I am not and have never been one for up and down rides/roller coasters.  I have severe motion sickness issues and well I hate the feeling of having my breath taken away.  But trying to be a good wife and good sport I decided to take one for the team and go on Tower of Terror.  Let me just say, I thought I was going to die.  I may sound dramatic but ask my poor brother-in-law Jordan as I may have grabbed him inappropriately.  Sorry!  Madison was a champ on the ride.  Afterwards she asked her dad if she could go on the tea cups now.  It was hilarious.  

We stood in line for the Screaming California, for what felt like forever.  Don't worry that the ride broke down just as we were about to board the ride.  We took advantage of the wait time and gave our legs a rest, while Nick got in a cat nap.  Lucky for us they got the ride working and we were able to get our scream on.

I couldn't help but snap a picture of this princess.  Seriously, we could not stop laughing.  So stinking cute!

Disneyland was a blast!  I can hardly wait for next time.  Thank you Jordo and Kiersten for the military discount.


  1. I LOVE Disneyland!!! I am jealous:) Looks like a fun trip with your fam, I bet that was so fun to be together!!!

  2. Your face on Tower of Terror is Priceless... One of my most favorite rides :)