Saturday, October 13


I've said it before and I will say it again, Fall is my all time favorite season of the year.

The days are ticking away, until baby girl makes her appearance, so Tyson and I are trying to fit in all of our last minute date nights.

This past week we went to a pumpkin patch.

We somehow managed to getaway with bringing Gigi.

As much as we wanted to stash up on pumpkins, the price tag on the scales, swayed us otherwise. 

The pumpkin Tyson picked out was over eleven dollars.  He happily picked another one.

This pumpkin patch had the largest corn stalks I have ever seen.  They even had the corn still in tact.  

We had a hard time, but finally found a way to squeeze them into the car.

We even made our way to the Fresno State Fair.  

I had never been and was intrigued by all the hype.

There was more fried food than I have ever seen.  The corn dogs were the size of my right arm.

Tyson and I indulged in a Navajo Taco, Cookies n' Cream Gelato Shake, and cotton candy.

Looking at the baby lambs was the highlight of the night.  It took me back to my childhood. 

It took everything inside of me not to steal one and bring it home with me.  

Fall drinks are my favorite.

I discovered Jamba Juice's Pumpkin Smash drink, this past week.

No joke, it was divine.

I have also found myself in the Starbucks drive-through every other day.

I either get a vanilla steamer, or a salted carmel frapp.  Both delectable.

We had a gift card to Yosemite Ranch and decided it was the perfect time to capitalize on a great meal.

They happened to be having a fall special.

Let me tell you what, it was out of this world.

I'm pregnant can you tell........

Anyways we had fried chicken, Alaskan Halibut, cornbread stuffing, butternut squash, green beans, and mashed potatoes.

I have already been trying to convince Tyson to take me back there again.

The meal got me extra excited about Thanksgiving.  

I have even busted out a few of my cardigans.  The ones that will still fit, that is.

We still need to make carmel apples and pumpkin shaped sugar cookies.

Oh the joys of this time of year!

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