Tuesday, October 9

Weekend Getaway

Thanks to Tyson and his parents I was able to fly home for the weekend, to see my family.  All I wanted for my birthday was to go home and watch my little brother play football.  I promised him a couple years ago that I wouldn't miss his football games.  Living in California, made that a little difficult.  I was so happy I was able to keep my end of the deal.  I have known about this getaway home since August and the countdown has definitely been on.  

My first stop once landing, was to get my hands on my newest nephew.  I did not want to put him down.  He was the sweetest baby I have ever held.  

Later that night the fam and I were able to go support Josh in his football game.  The timing was just right because it ended up being Senior Night.  I still can't believe my baby brother is all grown up.  

I hadn't been to a High School football game in almost ten years.  I felt right at home at the Wasatch Wasps Stadium.  The field got a makeover since I had been there last.  

It felt so good to be cold for once.  My swelling even went down a touch.  

We ended the night at the one and only Dairy Keen, for a chicken club carr meal.  YUM!!!!

Saturday I enjoyed listening to Conference as we drove down the canyon for my baby shower.  

My mom and sisters worked so hard to make my shower just PERFECT!

They slaved away in the kitchen making soups, salads, desserts, and homemade bread.

They did such a great job at making me and the babe feel so special.

It was so much fun catching up with all of my friends.

Everyone was beyond generous.  I couldn't believe how many outfits, bows, toys, blankets, and more she got.

I still need to post the pictures of the quilt and crocheted baby blankets my mom made.  They are all gorgeous.

My friend Jessica is 17 weeks pregnant here.  You would never know!

My brothers still cannot get over the fact I am pregnant.  It was so cute to have them always wanting to feel the baby move. 

Utah will always hold a special place in my heart, especially during the fall.  It was such a perfect weekend.  If only it could have lasted a little longer.  It was nice, however, to come home to my hubby.  My smile went ear to ear as soon as I saw him through the gates at the airport.  

Until next year....

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  1. haha! I love that you posted the pic of me sticking my belly out! So fun to see you!