Saturday, February 28

Lucy Six Months

Dear Lucy-

Today you turned six months old.  Is this really happening?!?!  You are growing into the cutest baby I have ever seen, of course I am biased, but I'm pretty sure you get more adorable every day.  You are so much fun and are really starting to come to life.  Each day your personality blossoms more and more.  You have the sweetest nature about you.  You beam at the sound of your mama and daddy's voice.  Penelope makes you smile more than anyone around.  You love when she shakes your blabla rattle in front of your face.  This past month you have learned to full on belly laugh.  It's the most darling sound I have ever heard.  Mama finally has you on a good schedule and you are like clock work when it comes to sleeping and eating.  You took your fist bite of cereal a couple days ago.  At first you didn't know what to think, but by the third bite I couldn't get it in your mouth quick enough.  We can't wait to introduce you to other baby foods soon.  If mommy needs to get things done you happily play in your bouncer or sit on the counter in your bumbo, while I do the dishes.  If you are ever upset, the sound of the vacuum calms you right down.  The sound of running water has the same effect.  You still dislike your car seat, but almost always fall asleep as soon as the car turns on.  I have a feeling you are going to be on the move sooner than we know.  You roll all over the place.  You know what you want and make sure to get there by steamrolling all over the floor.  We've tried sitting you up, but you topple right over.  I imagine it's because of all of that extra chub.  Your rolls are so scrumptious.  I swear a new rolls appears every day.  Your chubby feet are still my favorite thing, as well as that chunk of hair on top of your head.  It's the perfect length that allows mama to clip a bow in.  You are a true dreamboat and wouldn't change a thing about you.  We love you to the moon and back ten fold.  
Mama and Papa
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