Monday, April 6

Easter 2015

Easter has easily become one of my favorite holidays, not only for the Cadbury eggs and jelly beans, but for the time to reflect on the Savior and what he has done for me.  This Easter Sunday has been especially wonderful, because it fell on Conference weekend.  The two combined, made for a blessed day.  

I couldn't wait for the girls to wake up and find their Easter baskets.  I always have such a fun time putting together their favorite treats and of course finding yet another stuffed animal to add to their collection.  Easter was extra special this year because it was Lucy's first time joining in on all the fun.  There is always something sweet about celebrating baby's first holiday.  
^^^ It took some convincing to get P down the stairs.  She was a little hesitant not knowing what to expect. ^^^
^^^ As soon as P realized the Easter bunny had brought her some treats, she took of in search for her basket. ^^^
I have to say the thing that she was most excited about was her bubbles.  It really makes you realize how the simple things mean the most.
 ^^^ That girl and her yaya (gum). ^^^
 P also had fun showing sissy what the Easter bunny brought her. ^^^
^^^ I'm obsessed with their new bracelets. ^^^
 Tyson hid a couple of eggs around the house.  P couldn't get enough!
 ^^^ Lucy and those cheeks. ^^^
After the girls enjoyed looking through and playing with their loot, we headed over to Tyson's sister's house for homemade sour dough waffles and the morning session of General Conference.  The food was delicious and I wish I could say I heard a lot of conference, but I was soothing poor Lucy girl in the other room.  Sweet girl is cutting her first tooth.  

After breakfast we went over to Tyson's parents for a little Easter egg hung.  The girls got spoiled!  P had so much fun shaking all the eggs and finding the ones with coins in them.  Apparently she knows what money is now and would pick up each egg and say money, in her cute little voice.

The girls were exhausted after all the fun and sugar.  They went down for their naps and I was able to soak up the last session of conference and bake my annual bunny cake.  It was rather peaceful.  Tyson laughed at me when I said this years bunny is extra fluffy.  
We finished up the day back at Tyson's parents house for the Cleveland Easter celebration.  We had a yummy tri-tip dinner.  We stuffed our faces with salad, rolls, jello salad, green beans and oodles of dessert.  It was ridiculous how much we all ate.

The kids had one last egg hunt and all of us went in search for our Easter bags from Grandma Betty.  It's on of my favorite things to look forward to.  She fills them with a See's candy egg, Reese's eggs and jelly beans.  I just love that lady.

We all gathered together and watched the video below.  It's a touching video, that encompasses the reason for this holiday.  If you haven't seen it yet, I hope you enjoy!

I look forward to going back and listening and reading the conference talks that I missed.  You can also watch them HERE.  I know Christ lives and atoned for my sins.  Because of his sacrifice I will be able to live with my family and loved ones forever.  Through Him I can become perfected.  I know that I can turn to him at any time and he will give me comfort.  He has felt every pain, burden and affliction that I have ever gone through.  There is nothing I hold more dear to my heart than the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

I hope you all had the BEST EASTER!!!!
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