Monday, February 1

Valentine's Day Tissue Ball Wreath Tutuorial

Happy first day of February!  I know most people are not fans of January and I for one am usually not either, but this year was different.  I took advantage of a new year and decided to wipe my slate clean.  I started with decluttering my closet and bathroom drawers.  I finally took down all of my girls clothes that they have grown out of and put them into storage.  It has been liberating.  Who needs spring cleaning, when you have the month of January!

Ha! Anyways moving on now.  I have started to get itch for crafting again lately.  I helped throw a baby shower for Tyson's sister.  The theme was "sweetheart" with gold, pink, red and white being the colors.  My sister-in-law made the cutest tissue ball wreath to put on the front door.  I fell in love instantly and knew I had to make one for my home.

She warned me how time consuming it was, but I decided it was worth the extra time and I am so happy I did.  It turned and super fun and I love the way it  brightens my front porch.

I had a few people ask how it was made after I posted it on my Instagram, so here is a quick iPhone tutorial.  I'm sure you can find a more in depth one on Pinterest, if needs be.

Tissue Ball Wreath

tissue paper
twist ties 
wire wreath frame

I purchased my tissue paper at Target.  They came in packs of 8.  Each pack makes 4 tissue balls.  So I used a total of 7 packs.  (I seriously hope my math is right).  I used 27 tissue balls total, so you may have a little left over.

1. Take a stack of 4 pieces of tissue paper, fold it in half (hamburger style) cut it in half and then put them on top of each other.  You should then have a stack of 8 pieces of tissue paper.

*I liked to do my poms assembly line style.  Repeat step #1 until you have 14 stacks of tissue paper.(Each one having 8 sheets of tissue paper)
 2. Fold your stack of tissue paper accordion style.

3. Fold your according stack in half making a crease.  Take your scissors and cut down the crease.  You will now have two smaller accordions. 
 4. Take you first twist tie and wrap it around your tissue accordion.  Lay the other twist tie in-between going the opposite direction.  Twist the first tie around the the other, making sure it will stay in place.  Leave the other one open, because you will be needing it later, to attach your pom to the wreath.
 5. Now the fun begins!  Start pulling the tissue paper sheet by sheet towards the center.  Before you know it you will have a perfect little tissue ball.
 6. Once your poms are all complete you can lay them all out on the floor to see how you would like to arrange the colors.  One by one start twisting them onto your wire wreath.  Make sure to attach them to at least two of the wires at a time.  It will hold your pom in place much better.

7. And before you know it you will have the perfect Valentine's wreath.  

I cannot wait to make more of these for every holiday!  I tend to get carried away when I like something.

Good Luck and hopefully this made any sense at all!!!!
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  1. Super cute! Great directions.. I have lots of tissue paper and a wreath.. I'm going make one:) thanks for sharing! April