Tuesday, April 18

Easter Bunnies and Happenings

The girls are napping #winning and I decided to take this quite moment to do a little update on our girls and share some quick Easter pics I took.  

This little or should I say big girl is our sassy sissy, but oh how we adore her.  Lucy has been sick off and on for what feels like months, but has remained happy non of the less.  She takes her medicine like a champ and actually begs and enjoys her breathing treatments.  She is my little helper.  Lucy loves to bring me her diapers and wipes, which is a sign for being ready to be potty trained.  I on the other hand am not ready to tackle that task.  I came down the stairs the other day, to drenched floors and windows, in which the girls said they were helping me clean.  I couldn't be mad, even though it took me an entire roll of paper towels to clean up.  Lu has finally accepted the fact, that I am going to brush her teeth no matter how hard she screams and actually gets excited to brush her teeth.  We are making progress people and will take each and every milestone as a win.  You should see this girl on her bike.  She is fearless, just like her uncles and Grandpa Brown.  Being outside is one of her favorite things to do.  She enjoys picking flowers and holding snails.  Fish and Finding Nemo are her jam.  I recently took her to a fish hatchery and you would have thought I took her to Disney World.  Feeding the fishes and watching them splash all around, brought pure joy to her face.  Her collection on Nemo stuffed animals has reached a maximum capacity.  She insists on sleeping with ALL her animals.  And you better believe kitty continues to go anywhere and everywhere with her.  Those two are glued at the hips.   She rocks, swaddles and sings to her on the daily.  She has grown so much over the past few months and I couldn't be more proud of the little girl she is becoming.  She's still rockin her big belly, loves the playground, Target and finally goes to nursery all by herself.  We are still working on getting her to sleep through the night but have finally gotten her on a better sleeping schedule, which will then hopefully roll into her sleeping through the night.  Her first dance recital and swimming lessons are in the near future and can't wait to watch her shine.
Miss P:
Oh my sweet Penelope.  This age is magic!  She is my tender hearted, always wanting to do what's right, chocolate loving girl.  I have loved watching her growth over the past few months at school.  She has learned how to spell her name and can identify and make all the sounds to all of the letters.  I can see her desire to read and that makes me so excited.  She struggles with her fine motor skills, so watching her write out her name is sooooo amazing.  And could we have picked a longer name for her to learn how to spell? Sorry sweetie.  Her speech is coming along as well.  She gets over the moon excited when she finally figures out how to pronounce a word, that had been causing her some trouble.  The highlight of this little girls world has been weighing enough to fit in a booster seat.  What I would have given to have had a video camera on me, when she told me about her exciting news.  Tyson weighed her and from then on she couldn't stop beaming with joy.  She's also been sick off and on for months.  She always impresses me with her bravery and strength.  No matter how tired I am from the days events, my favorite thing is laying next to her, before she falls asleep and looking in to her eyes as she asks me questions and tells me how I'm the best mommy.  The things she comes up with are hilarious.  Her little brain goes a million miles a minute and I just love her inquisitive questions.  I can't wait to attend her preschool graduation and enroll her in singing lessons.  
^^^ Oh if I could just bottle her up. ^^^
I am beyond grateful for these two little girls who bless our home so much.  My love just continues to deepen and deepen for them.  Their ages are so fun and watching the two of them together is everything.  The fighting has decreased and the friendship is increasing.  These two take care of each other in such a special way.  I am so happy they have one another.  Life is good and can't wait for our new adventure....  more to come later.  (No, I'm not pregnant)
^^^ Soooo EXCITED and soooo  NERVOUS, all at the same time. ^^^
^^^ Lucy started petting Penelope.  I couldn't stop laughing. ^^^
We also have my mamma living with us temporarily and love having her in our home.  She's such a blessing and HUGE help to have around.

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