Tuesday, December 27

Merry Merry Christmas

I can't believe another Christmas has come and gone.  Tyson and I were so lucky to be able to slip away from work for a few days to spend Christmas with my family.  It feels like forever since we made the trip back to Utah.  There is something magical about being home for the holidays.  My moms house was full of her crazy kids and not to mention, two dogs.  Needless to say, we had a blast all being together, under one roof.  

While in Utah we didn't have much time for venturing out of Heber, however, we did make time to meet up with some of my besties for dinner, in Park City.  Eating at Loco Lizard is one of favorite meeting spots.  

Sledding at Soldier Hollow on Christmas Eve is a Brown family tradition.  It was so fun this year to share in the experience with Tyson.  The weather was perfect!

I couldn't get enough of my sister's puppy.  GiGi and her had some fun of their own.  

We enjoyed some mighty fine meals, provided by my mama.  

Don't we all look pretty in the morning?

Highlights of the trip

watching my brothers break through the barrier fence at Soldier Hollow, on their tubes

eating Ruby Snaps cookies every day

holding my sisters pup

watching A Mom for Christmas with the fam

reminiscing about our dad

seeing my sweet niece and nephew

eating at the Dairy Keen, any chance we could get

enjoying a Cafe Rio salad

sibling gift exchange

watching my brother Tate dance

curling Tate's hair into ringlets 

doing absolutely nothing for, three days

My family may be a crazy bunch, but we always find a way of making each other laugh.  It is never easy leaving Utah.  I swear a piece of my heart will always be in Utah.  But it is always nice coming back to my own bed and my cozy house. 

After 15 hours in the car, we made it back to Cali.

Never again, will we leave the day after Christmas!

GiGi felt the pain as well.......

Christmas is truly one of my favorite days of the year.  I am ever grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and his perfect example.  I hope to keep the feeling and spirit of Christmas in my heart throughout the coming year.  

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