Friday, December 2


My heart is heavy today, as I think about my sweet sister spending her last night with her husband Jordan, before he is deployed tomorrow, for seven months. 

I am so happy Jordan and Kiersten are together for ever.  I love their love story and it will continue to grow and flourish as they spend this time apart.  

Kiersten is one of my hero's.  I love this girl so much.  She has been through so much and never complains.  I tell her all that time how strong she is.  It would be so hard for me to say goodbye to Tyson, for any amount of time.  Her love for Jordan is so sweet.  She is the best little house wife.  Every time I call her she is trying out a new recipe.  She is and has always been there for me.  I love that we are sisters.

Sister girl I am always here for you!

Jordan, thank you so much for serving our country and making a sacrifice that I don't think I could ever make.  You are a true hero and are blessing so many lives.  THANK YOU!!!!  You will be in our prayers and thoughts daily, and don't worry your wife will be in good hands.

I love you both so much and can't wait for your reunion.  

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  1. That was the sweetest post!!! She is so lucky to have you to talk to while he is gone!!!