Sunday, November 22


We just got back from a much needed cabin getaway.  I love the fact that Shaver is less than an hour away, yet makes you feel like you are in an entirely different state.  It was especially fun because we found piles of that white fluffy stuff, that I love so much.  We were able to introduce Lucy and it was hilarious.  She disliked the snow, almost as much as the sand at the beach.  P on the other hand, loved sloshing around in her oversized borrowed bibs and snow boots.  We totally look like those "California" people when it comes to winter attire.  One of these days we will invest in our own.  In the mean time, I will enjoy watching my girls prance around in whatever we can muster up.
^^^ The girls even improvised when it came to sledding. ^^^^
 ^^^ I started singing "Once There Was A Snowman," and P was all smiles. ^^^
^^^ The views up at Shaver are simply majestic.  I love being surrounded by the beauty of this earth.  I hope I can instill a love and appreciation for the outdoors in my girls, the way my dad did for me. ^^^
 ^^^ P and Lucy absolutely adore their cousins and felt especially lucky to spend an entire weekend with them. ^^^
^^^ The size of P's boots are extra evident in this picture. ^^^
^^^ I can't help but think of Randy in "A Christmas Story." ^^^
 Lucy always seems to be sleeping when I whip out my camera.  I swear I love her equally, even though the plethora of P pictures may make others think otherwise.  
It was the perfect weekend filled with tons of yummy food, relaxing curled up on the couch, laughs, nature walks and awesome memories.  I have the best in-laws who take such good care of our little family.  I feel beyond blessed.

I have so much catching up to do on this blog, but didn't want the fun of this weekend to slip by the wayside.  I only have two photo shoots left and then it's back to editing my own family pictures.  My family comes into town in a couple of days and I can hardly contain my excitement.
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