Tuesday, December 1

Pumpkin Patch Round 2

I am going to be playing a bit of catch up here for the next little while.  My goal is to be all caught up before the new year starts.  It's creeping up quicker than I would like to admit.  

Just before Halloween we were able to take a day trip out to another pumpkin patch.  P's speech class was going and we decided to come along for the fun.  Grandma P came with and was such a huge help.  We had so much fun going on a tractor ride, picking out the perfect pumpkins, finding our way through the haunted forest, digging the girls out of the corn kernels and laughing because we accidentally went along with the wrong group and started eating their lunch.  Oops!  I was only slightly embarrassed. 
^^^ The best picture we could snag with these two wild gals of mine. ^^^
This was actually the last activity that P was able to attend with CITI kids.  We were both a little sad. Even though P was only in speech there for a few short months, we made some great friends.  P is now at a different school, closer to home, because she turned three.  I was happy we were able to end things with a bang.  I love all the memories we made this fall with our girls.  Their ages are too much fun and watching their enthusiasm and excitement for each activity makes them all the more fun.  
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