Thursday, December 17

2015 Family Pictures

You would think being a photographer family pics wouldn't stress me out, but they do just the opposite.  I am hardly ever behind the camera, so I want things to go smoothly when it comes time for my family pics.  Ty is not a fan of family pictures, I don't think too many husbands are, so this year I promised him I would make it as easy as possible.  Last minute and spur of the moment I decided to call my go to photographer Stephanie Ryan to see if she would be available to take our family pics at the Fresno State Fair.  I figured we wanted to take the girls there anyways, so why not kill two birds with one stone.  I also promised Tyson I wouldn't buy any clothes for this shoot.  We used what was in our closet and I can honestly say I LOVE how every photo turned out, especially considering the fact that miss Lucy was not in the best mood.  I am obsessed with all of the colors and cannot wait to update all the frames in my house.  I am the worst at doing that.  But this year I am making it happen.  There's a bajillion of them, I could't help but post all of them.

These are the first photos where I noticed that I am starting to age (insert scary face emoji!!!!). Ahhhh well such is life.  I had a lot of fun looking back on our past family pics!  I sure do love this little family of mine and am so grateful I get to have them forever!

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  1. I'm obsessed with these! and your card was amazing!

  2. These photos are all so adorable and will look so good in your color-filled home! What a fabulous idea to take them at the fair! My hunny isn't a fan of family pictures either.