Thursday, December 3

Disneyland 2015

For Penelope's third birthday we decided to not throw her a party, instead we headed off to Disneyland.  The magic that we experienced in Disney World, earlier this year was unforgettable.  We were hoping to replay a little bit of that magic..... instead we got a little more than we had hoped for.  Poor P was not having it.  The moment we walked through the gates, she was in tears.  I think she was a little thrown off with her sleep schedule and that seemed to throw everything else out of whack.  I was slightly frustrated, because I had played it out all differently in my mind.  I guess that's what I get for setting any expectations.  I had to keep reminding myself she was only three.  As the day went on she started enjoying herself more and more and so did we.  We were able to have Tyson's parents and our friends Jessica, Dave and their little T along for the fun.  I seriously ate my way throughout the entire park.  The peanut butter chocolate sandwich is to die for!  I may have also fallen in love with the jalapeno cheddar pretzel and the white chocolate cookie. 
^^^ Tyson found P the cutest Minnie shirt from Zara. ^^^
^^^ A little reminder of how the day started. ^^^
^^^ She insisted on getting an Anna dress. ^^^
I  am completely obsessed with the Eva Jo romper, that I wore while in Disneyland. It is honestly the comfiest outfit I own and you know I am all about comfort.  I received so many compliments throughout the day and was happy to share the goodness.  I'm pretty sure I am a romper girl for life.
^^^ I loved watching the way P and T interacted, just like their mama's. ^^^
^^^ You should have seen the way P lit up as soon as she saw the Disney characters.  It was all smiles from there on out. ^^^
^^^ P sure loves her grandpa.  I don't know what we would have done without the help of Tyson's parents. ^^^
^^^ P having a moment of pure exhaustion. ^^^
^^^ I can't remember the name of this character, but apparently he is the vintage version of Mickey.... Oswald if I jogged my memory correctly. ^^^
^^^ I was so bummed we were just a couple days late from seeing the Halloween magic and a little shy from seeing all the Christmas decorations.  Luckily I get a few sneak peeks here and there. ^^^
^^^ Lucy meeting Mickey. ^^^
^^^ I couldn't figure out who loved who more.  I couldn't stop laughing. ^^^
^^^ Escaping the downpour. ^^^
Although the morning started out a little rough and we got rained on for a bit, the day ended perfect.  A few highlights I want to remember: attending the Frozen singalong, watching my girls faces as they viewed the parade, hearing squeals of excitement over and over again and munching on all the amazing treats I could get my hands on.  Also, if you are in downtown Disney, you have to try the Italian/Pizza restaurant.  It has the yummiest chopped salad, Alfredo sauce and pizza.
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