Friday, December 18

Baby Jesus

Like I have previously mentioned I have really been trying to ring the true meaning of Christmas in my kiddos ears.  We talk a lot about baby Jesus and read our Christmas books almost daily.  When I came across Soft Enough on Nie Nie's blog, I knew it was the perfect tradition to introduce to my girls.  I have been wanting to incorporate something meaningful where they have something to look forward to and are able to complete acts of service a long the way.

This simple tradition comes with a book, manger, straw and the sweetest baby Jesus.  You are able to write the acts of services performed throughout the Christmas season on the pieces of straw and on Christmas morning you can read through all of the kind things your family has done throughout the month and the manger is finally prepared and soft enough for the "King."  I LOVED this idea and could't get it in the mail fast enough.  

I may have introduced baby Jesus a few days early, but I wanted them to truly grasp the idea.  They are still so young, but I wanted to give it a go anyways.  I can't wait to read all of the little acts that have been performed by our little family.  I think this will truly be a tradition to look forward to as the years go by.  
I found this outfit hanging in Lucy's closet that was once worn by P.  I wasn't sure if it would fit her or not, but decided to try it on and wow am I glad I did.  She reminded me of Santa Clause.  She instantly started rubbing her belly and even handed me my phone to take a picture of her.  What have I started?!?!
^^^ Don't mind the disaster in the background. ^^^
 ^^^ That belly might be my favorite thing ever! ^^^
^^^^ Again, that BELLY! ^^^
^^^ Seriously I about melted into a heap of sappy mommy tears when I saw this picture!!!!!! ^^^
 ^^^ I spy a Christmas Oreo.  Have you tried the limited edition white chocolate covered Oreo's?!?!?  They are my favorite and remind me of my pops so much.  Come to think of it, Christmas is the last day I ever saw my dad.  I really miss him. ^^^
 ^^^ All the heart eye emojis that exist. ^^^

I can't believe Christmas is only a week away!  I seriously cannot wait.
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