Wednesday, December 23

Playing Catch Up: Halloween

As usual I am playing a bit of catch up, before the year ends.  I couldn't forget to document Halloween!  It's only one of my all time favorite Holidays.  This year was especially fun, because P was soooo excited to dress up like a witch. 

 My mom showed P a picture of herself in a witch costume and from the second P saw the picture, she too needed to be a witch.  There was no convincing the girl otherwise.  

My mom is the most talented seamstress I know and couldn't help but beg her to make another costume.  She always adds the perfect touch that make everything that much more special.  I'm just so sad I lost the remainder of the pictures I took on my big girl camera.  I missed documenting the adorable tiny purple broom all covered in glitter and the close up detail of the dress.  

I ended up having to hide the costume from P, because she wanted to wear it all times.  Luckily she got to wear it for the ward trunk or treat, her cooking and dance class.  She looked adorable all thanks to my talented mama!  
^^^I'm slightly obsessed with the witch wreath my friend made me.^^^

Lucy girl wore the same costume that P wore, two years ago.  It was also made by my mama.  The costume was especially cute on her because she was walking, unlike P at the time she wore the costume.  Her round belly and midget legs were almost too much for me to handle and don't even get me started on her chubby cheeks. 

Thanks mama for always take the time to make my girls adorable.  It means more than you will ever know! 
Trick or treating was too much fun!  I didn't think Lucy would grasp the idea of going door to door, but she couldn't get to each house quick enough.  She would steal the candy right out of people's bowls.  It was amazingly adorable.  She is my sugar aholic and I don't think this holiday helped the matter.
 Tyson and I were totally lame and dressed up as scarecrows, for our friend party.  I just didn't have it in me to get anymore creative.  Maybe next year....

All in all it was a super fun Halloween and I can't wait to dream up something fun for my girls next year.
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