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Home For The Holidays

I finally got around to documenting our home for the holidays.  I am soaking in all the extra warmth that my Christmas decorations are adding to the walls within our house.  I was a bit under the weather this year when it came to decorating.  Without the help of my mama, Tyson and even his dad our house wouldn't even be close to complete.
 I am especially fond of our Christmas tree this year.  I can't decide between the name of "Bertha" or "Beyonce."  She has all the right curves in all the right places.  I have a thing for extremely wide and full trees. The tree must be flocked and decorated with all the memories of years past.  She tilts a little to the left and I actually don't mind it a bit, in fact I find it rather endearing.  When it comes down to it, aren't we all a little flawed or off center.  I think that's what I like most about her.  

I wish I had a video of the events that took place in getting this big girl into our house.  I will do a bit of a replay, but don't think I can fully do it justice.  Tyson called our friend Curtis over to help lug in our tree. In the mean time we had my friend Kileann over, teaching me to make the most scrumptious mac n' cheese, her little boy, two of the three Brown triplets and my girls were running throughout the house.  Everything was going great until Lucy decided to take our snow globe over to the tile and drop it.  Glass, water and glitter went flying everywhere.  One of the kids was on the ladder trying to touch the tree.  All of us adults scattered trying to get the kids away from the glass.  It was a hot mess.  Thankfully Curtis ran to his house and grabbed his vacuum.  That thing is a beast and picked up every last spec of glass.  Needless to say we got the tree into place and only one foot received a cut.  
 The tree was decorated mostly by Tyson's dad.  He is truly one of a kind.  I don't know too many men who would drop what they were doing to decorate their daughter-in-laws tree.  He did an outstanding job if you ask me.  I think he's hired for many more years to come.  P and I had a fun to reminiscing through the ornaments as we handed them to Grandpa P.  Also, you might notice a few low hanging ornaments.  Those are P's.  I couldn't bring myself to move them.
^^^ I couldn't help but take some pics of Gigi. ^^^
^^^ Too bad I didn't wait a few days, she just got groomed and looks like an entirely different dog. ^^^
 ^^^ I'm so mean. ^^^
^^^ One of the newest ornaments to grace the Parker tree this year. ^^^
A little side note of a story here for the good old blog.  Come to think of it, I don't think the name Malcolm has ever been mentioned on this here blog.  Just a couple years ago we received a knock on our door and low and behold there was no one there.  I looked down upon opening the door and found a bright blue Beta fish, fish food and some oxygen bubbles, with a note reading FEED ME!  I didn't understand..... Tyosn wanted me to flush him down the toilet, but there was no way I was going to let that happen.  So I dumped him into my trifle bowl and gave him a name.  Malcolm after P's heart surgeon.  I found it only fitting.  I got him some blue rocks and a Beta bed.  Yes those things do exist.  He spend his time on our counter and enjoyed a hello every morning, night and in between.  We even had to even find sitters for him when we went out of town. 

About a month or two ago I was cooking dinner.  I looked over and realized he had seen better days.  I was surprisingly sad and still find myself looking over to that bare spot on our counter.  We found out after a few months of having him that Tyson's cousin and her hubby thought it would be funny to leave him on our porch.  Little did they know we would accept him with open arms. Ha!  

Anyways long story short, when I saw the Gigi ornament I was stoked and then when I saw a Malcolm look a like ornament I had to have him.  So this years newest additions our some of our pets.  Past and present.  RIP Malcolm Parker.  
 ^^^ I'm slightly obsessed with color and couldn't wait to incorporate these vibrant tree's to our Christmas decor.  Thank you TARGET!  That place is brilliant in more ways than one.  ^^^
 ^^^ One of the many trinkets Tyson brought home from his mission in Russia. ^^^
^^^ I love that my great aunt took the time to make each one of her great nieces and nephews a ornament every year up until she passed away.  They are some of my most cherished ornaments.  I am such a sentimental fool. ^^^
^^^ I died pulling out baby Lucy's tiny foot from just last Christmas. ^^^
^^^ The whole reason for the season. ^^^
 ^^^ Another Target find.  Next year I will actually take the time to fill the advent with fun trinkets and Christmas activities. ^^^
 ^^^ I was on our Relief Society's enrichment activities committee and this is one of the crafts we made at our Fabulous Friday back in September.  I couldn't wait to finally put it out. ^^^
^^^ Target did it again. ^^^
 ^^^ You may notice we only have three stockings hanging.  Another funny story.  One that again, you might have had to be there for, but hilarious to me.  Tyson was laying on the ground playing with Lucy close to the desk and fireplace.  Keep in mind he was the one super worried about the girls pulling on the stockings and having the garland and stocking holders fall on them.  Lucy was playing with the snowmen and the cord apparently was wrapped around it.  Tyson was trying to unhook the two, when the entire garland, stockings and stocking holders came tumbling down.  Luckily Lucy moved out of the way, just in the knick of time.  So we are now a stocking holder short and I'm too lazy to go find another new set. ^^^
 Every year my mom gives all of her kids and grandchildren a Christmas book and an ornament.  P and Lucy are obsessed with Frozen, I mean what kid isn't?!?!  It seemed only fitting that Mimi would get them each one.  The girls are in love and I will always hold a special place in my heart for them.  
I love our house and hearing P say, "Soooo pretty," every time she looks at the tree.  Luckily Lucy hasn't pulled the tree on top of herself.  I was a bit worried, not gonna lie.  I can't believe how close Christmas is.  I am so beyond excited to see the expression on my girls faces, but also want the season to last just a bit longer.  

And if you aren't already bored our of year mind, here is a look back through our homes throughout the past few years.  I'm a bit sad I never documented our first tree.
201120122013 and 2014
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