Sunday, March 6

Hollywood Youth Auction

For the past couple of months, I have spent what feels like each day, conjuring up in my mind how I was going to pull off, being in charge of the decorations for our wards Youth Auction.  Once there was a theme in place, it made things a lot easier.  Give me some colors and I tend to run with the rest. My mind doesn't know how to stop, once it gets on a roll.

Thanks to my amazing friends and family we were able to throw together an amazing evening.  The auction raised far more money than we could have ever hoped for.  I wanted to share this on my blog, in case anyone else gets called on a youth auction committee and has no idea what they are doing....... That's how I felt anyways.

I only had my phone with me, so pardon the horrible quality of pics.  I wasn't able to get a picture, but we had the lights turned off in the foyer, so that when people entered they felt like they were entering a premiere.  We had youth taking pictures like crazy, a spot light and a red carpet.  We even had some of our talented youth playing the piano to set the mood.

There was a check-in station at the begining where our guest could purchase tickets, for the evening.  The tickets could be used for purchasing desserts, beverages, cotton candy, popcorn, pictures at the photo booth and babysitting.  There were multiple tables where hundreds of items were donated for the silent auction portion. We had our youth perform some of their talents on stage and had a great MC directing the evening.  Towards the end we played a film documenting our youth activities for the upcoming year, which involved some of our amazing Young Men and Young Women.  We finished off the evening with a live auction, which pulled in a huge amount of the proceeds.  

It was so fun to finally be able to sit back and watch our community enjoy a fun evening.  Our ward and community donated so many amazing desserts.  The spread was crazy ridiculous.   I wanted to gobble them all up.  Italian sodas, Dirty Diet Cokes, Shirley Temples, bottled water and canned soda were served at our beverage bar.
 ^^^ The back of my car.  You should have seen my poor guest bedroom, which has served a holding facility for all of the decorations. ^^^
^^^ My little star.  Lucy was off hoarding some sugar, I'm sure. ^^^
 ^^^ One of the cutest desserts I have ever seen. ^^^
 ^^^ The incredible women I was lucky enough have serving by my side. ^^^
^^^ How we all felt, once it was all over. ^^^

I had each of our youth decorate their own individual star.  They were super creative and added so much to the decor.  Instead of the "walk of fame" we had our "youth wall of fame."

It was a lot of fun, but I'm not going to lie, I will be happy to no longer be dreaming about stars anytime soon.
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