Thursday, March 3

Spring Fever

The weather has been AMAZING!!!!  The girls and I have found ourselves outside almost every day. I love taking lunch to the park and wearing the girls out before nap time.  The girls cannot get enough of the swings.  I think it's time to get our own little playground in our backyard.  We are working on begging daddy for that one.

The orchards look gorgeous and I couldn't help but take the girls out to explore.  They loved every minute of being out in the lush green orchards.  They were mesmorized by all the blossoms and couldn't help but twirl in their Easter dresses.  I spotted their dresses at Target and couldn't resist.  That place suckers me in every time.

I have been Spring cleaning all around my house and even had a yard sale with my friend Kim, last weekend.  We actually had a pretty good turn out, even after I spaced putting the time and date on the signs, that we hung all around town.  Oops!  It was late and we were exhausted.  Don't worry that immediately following the garage sale, we took our earnings and headed right to Lululemon.  Again, another addiction I have.

Things have been super busy with planning church activities, photo shoots, making time for the gym and most importantly being a mama and wife.  It has felt like the holidays all over again.  Sigh!  Thank goodness I have an amazing mama, hubby and in-laws to help with my load.  I honestly don't know what I would do without each of them.

Easter is just around the corner and it's time I start gathering a few items for the girls baskets.  They are totally obsessed with Easter eggs and I can hardly wait to watch them during the annual Easter egg hunt.  I still have the dye kits from last years attempt at dying Easter eggs.  I'm going to see that we dye eggs this year and know the girls are going to love it.  Their ages are so much fun right now and I honestly can't get enough of them.

Hope you enjoy these photos of my sweet little ladies!
^^^ Ring around the rosies gets Lucy every time. ^^^
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