Wednesday, November 9

Miss Penelope is FOUR

Dear Penelope -

Oh my goodness big girl, you are FOUR years old today!  Hip hip hooray!  You have been counting down the days for months now.  We have been celebrating you all month long and wouldn't have it any other way.  You are sooooo special to this family.  This world just wouldn't be the same without our sweet P!

Three has been one of my all time favorite ages.  We have done so many fun things with you and have enjoyed watching you grow leaps and bounds, over this past year.  Your personality is beyond sweet.  You are a go with flow, easy peasy girl.  You are my little buddy, who prefers being nestled in my lap, reading a book and sipping on cocoa!

You have so many favorite things right now.  I think that's one of the things I love most about you.  You get so excited about everything, especially the little things.  You find so much joy and happiness out of each and every day.  Doc McStuffin's is your all time favorite character.  Noodles, green apples, celery, carrots, Oreo's and Starburst are your favorite foods and snacks.  Pink is still your favorite color and you insist on wearing a dress at all times, in which to qualify, must twirl.  Your favorite movie is Matilda.  Daddy and mommy read you the book and you have been fascinated ever since.  To fall asleep you have to have your pink silky and a baby doll.  

Speaking of sleeping, you have found your way into our bed and haven't looked back since.  I always swore I would never let me kids sleep in my bed and you can attest, that didn't last long.  In all actuality I love it.  I sneak into bed every night and nestle into your perfectly round cheeks.  I thank my lucky stars you were sent to our family.

You started pre-school and have learned so much.  You speech has improved incredibly and only have a few more weeks left.  I am so happy you love your teacher and all of the new friends you have made.  Watching you in dance class is so much fun.  I love seeing you in your element.  You posses so much talent and I hope you always know and remember that.

While driving in the car or getting ready for bed you love to have stories told to you.  Your daddy and I do our best to come up with some elaborates story about rainbow gummy bears and stories about Gigi ate mommy's See's candy.  It's hilarious how you can hear the same story over and over again and never tire.

The relationship with you and your sister is overwhelmingly heart warming.  You are always looking out for her and making sure she is safe.  Hearing the two of you laugh at one another is one of the best sounds.  

You are so smart with one of the best memories I have ever known, you are such a good listener, helper and everything else we could ever hope for.  You say the sweetest prayers and know that you are a daughter of God.  I know you will go far in this life and look forward to what this next year bring.

We love you sweet birthday girl!


Mama and Daddy
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