Tuesday, February 21


I have been terrible about blogging.  Like awful and sometimes it makes me so sad, but I have also felt this sense of relief not trying to get the perfect photo or thinking of something clever to say.  With that all being said, the sole purpose of me starting this blog was for posterity reasons.  I miss being able to reflect back and see how my girls and Tyson and I have grown.  I was about to start a photo dump, but noticed I had never posted these pictures.  They were taken back in December on a day when I wanted to try and be a little creative with the lights and my big girl camera. On a side note my poor plants do not look that pretty anymore.  I sure wish I had a green thumb, but I'm thinking mine is more brown.

Life has been so crazy lately.  I have been waiting for things to slow down, but they seem to just be picking up momentum.  I am really, really trying to simplify my life.  I am realizing the older I get that less is more.  Our society has put so many unrealistic expectations with Pinterest and social media.  I admit I have fallen victim to this too many times, but really want to make an effort to change this in my life.

I am learning it's okay to say no.  I am a people pleaser through and through, but am realizing it's okay if I can't do it all.  When I do things I like to give 110%, so picking where I spend my time has been important.  I am really focussing on quality of quantity and feel I can apply this through all facets of my life. 

I hope this year and for the years to come, I can really focus on finding balance and being 100 percent present throughout my day, without always worrying about the things that need to be done.  I am a work in progress, but feel hopeful and look forward to this much needed change.

I am going to try and blog more often, so that I will always be able to look back and see the highlights of our crazy life.  It may not always look pretty, but the memories are all that really matter.  I love this little family of mine so much and want more than anything to give my all to them.  So here is to a much needed chapter in my life. 
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