Friday, February 24

Christmas Morning 2016

I had to pat myself on the back for FINALLY being able to delete the RAW files from Christmas morning off of my desktop.  I mean it has only been two months...  Oh my goodness I am behind.  Without any further adieu our Christmas morning in our new house.  The girls surprisingly slept in until after 7:00 am.  They snuggled in bed while we waited for Tyson's parents to arrive.  We love having them over to relish in all of the excitement of the girls and the magic of Christmas.

This year was so much fun.  It was the first year P realized she could ask for something and if she was a good girl, Santa would deliver.  She couldn't wait to sit on his lap and tell him all of her little girl dreams.  Lucy on the other hand, is another story.  She refused to get near the old man.  

Our morning was one for the books.  Penelope's screams of excitement and enthusiasm were something I will never forget.  Each gift, whether big or small brought out the same scream.  We could have gotten her chapstick and a book and she would have never known the difference.  Noted for next year.   

It was the perfect day spent with family.  I am grateful for my Savior and his birth.  This time of year is extra special and I love the added sprit in our home. 
 ^^^ Morning snuggles before all the magic happened. ^^^
^^^ P checking out her new ride. ^^^
 ^^^ The sweetest ornament I ever did see.  P's preschool teacher comes up with the most adorable parent gifts.  They bring happy tears every time. ^^^
^^^ P asked specially for a pink bike and a purple helmet.  Good thing Santa delivered. ^^^
  ^^^ The excitement beaming out of this girl is so contagious. ^^^
^^^ The most realistic baby, I have ever seen.  The girls fought over this gift all day. ^^^
 ^^^ Opening up Mimi's gift.  The cutest super woman cape. ^^^

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