Tuesday, November 1


I look forward to Halloween all year long!  It's one of my mom's most favorite holidays and has had a rippling affect on me.  I didn't get around to decorating our house this year, because of the upcoming move.  It was strange to not have witches adorning my mantle and spider webs covering my front porch.  

We still managed to fit going to the pumpkin patch in and hanging a few odds and ends around the house.  I couldn't handle being a total Scrooge.  The one thing we failed to do however, was carve our pumpkins.  Every year we put it on our list, with high hopes that we will get around to carving.  Alas, we have now gone six years of marriage without making as little as a dent in our jack-o-lanterns.  We are clearly not that sad about it.....  The girls on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed painting their pumpkins!

The start of Fall has brought out all the delicious smells, baking, soups. Trader Joe's cornbread and candy galore.  I just love this time of year and this Halloween did not disappoint.  We attended a handful of parties, had our fare share of dressing up between my High Fitness classes and all of the fun activities that go along with the holiday.  

I had originally planned on Lucy wearing P's swan costume and tried to keep things simple with Penelope's request to be a kitty.  We took the girls to dance and as soon as it was time to slip Lucy into her costume, she broke down and not just a little melt down, we are talking full on outburst.... scenery issues.  There was no trying to convince her.  It was so sad..... she hated the ruffles in her face and I couldn't seem to get the costume off of her quick enough.  It was too late to find another costume, so into the costume bin I went.  

Luckily, Lucy made out for the sweetest Belle and looked darling as she twirled and spun around, everywhere she went and I couldn't get enough of P's kitty nose and whiskers.  I think my favorite thing of all was after P fell asleep she still had her whiskers on.  Oh how I want to cherish these days.

We had our annual Halloween get together with all of our friends and family.  I always leave with a belly full of yummy soup and my sugar tooth well satisfied.  Watching the girls go from door to door is just my absolute favorite.  They are so sweet and being their mama just makes me soon happy.

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