Friday, October 21

The North Shore and PCC

Yesterday we made a day out of visiting the North Shore.  It was a blast.  We knew it was going to be an all day event and prayed the girls would do well.  They impressed us once again and were amazing.  We visited the temple once more, ate plates full of shrimp at Giovanni's, inhaled Matsumoto Shaved Ice as well as Teds Bakery pie and enjoyed the incredible sunset as the waves crashed against the black rocks.  We definitely got our fix of sugar and beauty! 

One of our favorite past Elders, Koa Mo'o called his grandmother, who lives on the island and was able to help us get tickets to the  Polynesian Cultural Center.  She was the sweetest woman and we feel so lucky we got to meet her.  

Tyson and I loved our first visit to the PCC over six years ago and couldn't wait to take our girls.  We knew they would love all of the vibrant colors and especially the dancing and music!  They stayed entertained from start to finish.  The night show was even better than I had remembered and couldn't help but dance along to the beat of the drums.  The Polynesian culture is so neat to me.  I'm happy my girls were able to experience the sounds, food, dancing, games and so much more that make up this amazing culture.  

Oh my goodness it's going to be hard to leave this place!

As an added side note, I almost lost my camera.  That would have been sooooo bad, seeing as I have a ton of family sessions when I get home.  Thankfully I realized it early on and it was right where I had left it.  I'm the worst!

And now a million pictures, that make up our day at the PCC!
 ^^^ I think I might have the cutest niece ever. ^^^
 ^^^ Shaka. ^^^
 ^^^ I wasn't lying when I said kitty goes everywhere with us. ^^^
 ^^^ Incredible. ^^^
 ^^^ My beautiful mama. ^^^
 ^^^ Squeezing our the coconut milk. ^^^
 ^^^ I can't even.... ^^^
^^^ The things we do to entertain our children. ^^^ 
 ^^^ Cap is our favorite, he's hilarious. ^^^
 ^^^ Elvis was the man. ^^^
 ^^^ Get in my belly. ^^^
 ^^^ Private lessons for miss P. ^^^
 ^^^ Showing off her new tattoo. ^^^
^^^ Can we please take a moment and admire Cara's guns. ^^^
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